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Many conditions and possibilities are enabled thanks to supalink.
We're detailing here a few of the options you can have.

create short link redirection based on device

Split your link traffic across devices

We've been there as well - when you run a business with a desktop app and a mobile app, redirecting your users could be a pain. Should you send them to the app? To the website?

No need to worry anymore - create a supa link and you'll be able to handle all kind of traffics with only one link!

Bonjour! Hello! Β‘Hola! Guten tag! Ciao!

You've spent time and resources to have content in several languages - but then come the distribution... And it's hard to know by advance who'll click on your link...

It's much more easy now! Instead of sharing several links, one does the work! Just create the appropriate redirection per language on supalink.

create short link redirection based on language
create short link redirection based on countries

Be location-specific - for real

Sometimes, you may need to be really specific about user localisation. For example - that's a feature we built for an event agency.

Ensure the users who can lookup your link are located in the country you want them to with supalink!

Examples: you'll do better πŸ‘

Avoid losing your ad $$$

You're spending on ad networks to promote your app? Make sure users go through their App Store.

avoid the wrong app store by shortening links

Screenshot taken from an Android phone - you'll do better πŸ˜‰

Optimize your conversions

Why having two buttons when one can do the work? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

optimize cta conversion by shortening links

Ensure a better conversion rate while promoting your app!

I'll do better

dashboard of tracked links

Access your global statistics

Monitor how many times your links are clicked and which links are the most popular.

All your links in one place - and you can see how much traffic is driven through supalink!

Get redirection metrics

Having one link and multiple redirections set up, we'll tell you how many times users met the redirections you set up.

For instance, if you have one link that deals with devices redirections (desktop vs. mobile, or iOS vs. Android), we'll see instantly how many users went to the Android or the Apple app store.

stats on shortened tracked links


Manage multi-language websites


Manage your app & web acquisition


Ensure better users conversion rates

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